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Welcome to W.K. Ross, LLC.

We are a professional design firm specializing in sub-surface telecommunications engineering, construction support services, permitting, and acquisition services.

At W.K. Ross, LLC, our mission is to provide the highest quality services supporting design and development, construction, maintenance, and upgrade of telecommunications network infrastructure – all under one roof. Our commitment to our clients’ total satisfaction is reflected in literally thousands of miles of successful projects and installations. This commitment, together with more than 260 years of combined staff experience in telecommunications outside plant design and development, forms the foundation upon which we continue building W.K. Ross, LLC’s reputation as an industry leader.

Our History

W.K. Ross, LLC is held under the sole ownership of its founder and President, Mr. William K. Ross. Mr. Ross began his career in telecommunications network development in 1985 when the first fiber optic networks were just being planned; from the very beginning, he was heavily involved in their development. 

Working primarily throughout the eastern United States in the earlier part of his career, he eventually became instrumental in developing and expanding the major networks across the western states. Over nearly fifteen years Mr. Ross held a variety of construction, technical and engineering roles, rising through various management and directive positions and thereby gaining expert knowledge of every phase of network development – from planning and construction to lighting-up the fiber and bringing systems on-line. In the later 1990’s, he recognized a trend toward development and expansion of proprietary internal communications networks among other major industrial concerns. 

In response, he made the strategic decision to form his own company specifically targeted to meeting the needs of Class I railroads. Ross Railroad Consulting formally began operations on June 1, 1999.

Ross Railroad Consulting

During the past ten years our work has been focused primarily within railroad Rights-of-Way, an inherently challenging and hazardous work environment. Ross Railroad Consulting has been instrumental in system-wide development, construction, upgrade, and maintenance of state-of-the-art and operations-critical communication networks supporting America’s largest freight railroads. At the same time, we have played a key role in facilitating and coordinating development, construction, maintenance, and upgrades of digital transmission networks owned and operated by Common Carriers, but located within railroad Rights-of-Way. 

In our first decade we helped build some of the best designed, most reliable and robust communications networks in North America. Our commitment to our clients’ total satisfaction has resulted in positive long-lasting relationships and solid partnerships. As our company’s success has driven its growth, we’ve increased the scope of services we offer, and our client base—along with our reputation for excellent service—has grown both within as well as outside the railroad industry. 


New Wave, New Name

Today we see a new wave of fiber optic network expansion on the horizon. Recognizing new opportunities to build upon the successes of our first ten years, we’re forging ahead into our second decade under a new banner that better reflects our increasingly diverse clientele: we are now W.K. Ross, LLC

Only our name has changed: W.K. Ross, LLC continues to deliver the same excellent services our clients expect. We are still the same team of highly experienced and talented individuals working together toward the common goal of ensuring our clients’ complete satisfaction. Keeping in-step with the latest technological advances while maintaining a traditional hard work ethic, we are committed to the highest attention to detail and unwavering vigilance regarding safety: these continue to drive our success.

Our Services

W.K. Ross, LLC provides expert services for new construction of telecommunications infrastructure as well as maintenance projects and upgrades to existing systems. Here’s what we offer:

Outside Plant Design
  • Route Selection and Development
  • Running Line Design
  • Field Staking

Close coordination between our Engineering and Permitting personnel ensures that local agency permitting requirements are identified and incorporated early in the design phase. Additionally, we will identify potential obstacles and produce design alternatives to minimize delays and construction cost overruns.


EIC/Flagging services provides On-Track safety to Railroad and Third party projects.

  • All personnel are MWOR rules qualified and E-rail certified.
  • With our ability to Hy-rail independently, WKROSSLLC can plan, implement and execute projects which require On-track vehicles and equipment
  • Our employees are familiar and utilize all available protections including Form B, Track and time, Track Warrant, Track out of Service and Live Flagging
  • With over 20 years of project experience with Class One railroads, WKROSSLLC can fluidly navigate the Challenges of working under the constraints of On-Track safety, to maximize Client Budget and scheduling goals
Construction Management
  • Contractor Compliance Inspection
  • Construction Schedule Tracking and Documentation
  • Materials Tracking and Documentation
  • As-Built Data Collection
  • Production of Final CAD-generated As-Built Drawings (upon completion of actual construction)

Permitting and Acquisition Services
  • Route Evaluation for Required Permits
  • Permit Applications including Drawing Preparation and Submittal
  • Acquisition of Local Right-of-Way Use Permits
  • Regulatory Compliance Review
  • Encroachment Research and Documentation
  • Environmental Review and Compliance
Our Projects

W.K. Ross, LLC staff have been involved in many exciting telecommunications projects over the past 22 years, projects that have presented a wide and diverse set of challenges.  We have extensive experience in design for virtually every type of construction utilized within the telecommunication industry. Following is a partial list of project experience completed within the past five years:

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